People: Cyrus Jilla

Cyrus Jilla

Partner of Waypoint Capital, and Member of the Board of Directors; CEO of Northill Capital

Mr. Jilla joined Waypoint Capital as a Partner in March 2020, with a remit to expand the company’s existing businesses and to partner with others to grow or create new asset managers.

Prior to joining Waypoint and Northill, Cyrus was, most recently, a President and Officer at FIL (Fidelity International Limited), the parent of the global asset management business, where he had primary responsibility for FIL’s proprietary investments. Earlier in his career Cyrus was Managing Partner at Bain & Company, London. He has been a Board Director of numerous companies, including COFRA A.G., Colt Telecom, and Element Six Group.  Cyrus began his career at Schroders plc having studied medicine at the University of London.